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Freelancing is like having your own small business. Since freelance businesses have unpredictable growth, renting a traditional office isn’t practical. Knowing when to increase the headcount is uncertain. On the other hand, working from home is what many freelancers choose to do. However, this can cause distractions. Also, working at a coffee shop doesn’t give you the environment that’s always conducive to work. That’s why freelancers can benefit from coworking spaces. If you are one, then you should know how coworking spaces can help your business grow. This will result in hiring your first employees.

How Freelancers Benefit From Coworking Spaces:

1. Cost-effective
Compared to renting a traditional office, you don’t have to pay that much for a coworking space. This is because the maintenance costs are shared by freelancers, startups, remote workers, and other small business owners. Though these types of costs change, you just have to pay a fixed amount depending on how frequent you work there or how long you stay.
2. Networking
Freelancers like you should know how to make human interactions. Even if you are your own boss, networking with other people can help your business in the long run. The person sitting next to you might be the one who you can collaborate with to create powerful strategies that will expand your small business. Or else, they might have some connections that they can refer to you. This also includes recommending an exceptional employee if you currently have a job opening.
3. Fueling your creativity
Your environment has a huge impact on your mood. That’s why coworking spaces are designed to boost your creative thinking. Also, being with other people who are taking steps to reach their goals can create powerful vibes within the coworking space. This will inspire you to be an achiever as well. Thus, you will be more creative in accomplishing your projects.
4. Convenience
Do you want to grab a cup of coffee to perk you up for the day? Coworking spaces have it free for you. Other facilities are also provided so you can conduct your business matters conveniently. They have a conference room for you to personally meet your client and have your presentation. In addition, they have a printing machine, reception area, gym, and much more.
5. Work-Life Balance
Working from home can break your boundary between professional and personal life. The stress from both demands can mix up and this will consume your energy. It would be better to have separate worlds for these 2 aspects of life so you can save your sanity. Your home is a place to relax. Coworking spaces can help you draw the line. Therefore, choosing to do coworking can give you a healthy lifestyle.
Renting a coworking space can offer you the best of both worlds. You have a sanctuary for your inner self while being in a vibrant community. That increases your productivity. Thus, you will accomplish important things in a more effective and efficient way. If done consistently, your freelance business will grow and the time will when come you’ll need people to work with you. That said, you will be having your recruitment strategy to start building your team. You’ll wake up one day checking on your job opening. account to see if there are qualified candidates waiting to be interviewed. You can make these great possibilities happen if you give a coworking space a try. Truly, it will be worth it.

Author bio:
Remi Lin is a Content Writer for Bossjob.ph, an online job search portal. She is also a freelance email and sales page copywriter. She's an introvert who loves milk tea and nature.
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Monday, 01 October 2018 03:31

Crypto Finance

This October 4, Andra Capital will be gracing the halls of Cerebro Labs!
We welcome Paul Tuan— Managing Director of Andra Capital, creators of the tradable blockchain security token, “Silicon Valley Coin”. They aim to democratize venture capital with their late-stage technology growth fund, using Blockchain to tokenize the fund and provide global investors with access to exclusive, late-stage, private technology companies.
Here, you'll learn the many ways blockchain and security tokens are revolutionizing the way we deal with traditional finance, and what to expect more in the future!
Reserve your seats NOW: http://bit.ly/2IoVFSE
Event is on October 4, 5pm, here at Cerebro Labs! See you then!
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