Cerebro Startup

We got hundreds of entries containing really interesting ideas and it was tough to choose but we had to.  Only semi-finalists and the top 10 will be directly contacted thru email.  Congratulations to the winners and we hope to see everyone again in the next Challenge.

TOP 10

HiGi produces solid biofuel from water hyacinth which can be used for barbecuing, industrial heating and power generation. It also aims to provide sustainable livelihood for the people at the bottom of the economic pyramid.


Omnibus is a cloud-based management platform for managing the different aspects of legal operations. It utilizes technologies such as data analytics and machine learning to provide a systematic solution for legal practice woes.

An Online Command Center You Can Learn from. Eight Media plans to solve the brick-and-mortar to digital gap through an online SaaS tool that marries the thoroughness of an analytics dashboard with the ease-of-use of Shopify.

The startup aims to develop a web-based platform compatible with ios/android. This platform would allow users to find a physician easily in a particular location (for instance in Quezon City) as well as its availability, clinic hours, location and make an appointment booking online.

Eve is your personal event planner application. It is a platform that connects suppliers to consumers, and allows the application users to organize an event, which is only one tap away.

The product (an influencer discovery and engagement platform) will be a tool for organizations, businesses or their agencies that wish to work with bloggers and online influencers for marketing and communications campaigns.

IT wearable device that translates spoken voice and lip movement to text and sign language, and also converts sign language to text and synthesized spoken voice.

It will be a mobile and web-based application that enables patients, healthcare professionals, and health institutions to view available services and do online booking, give clients to alternative services and be able to do online referral systems, and be a marketing tool for hospitals/clinics to increase reach in potential clients respectively.

Container Living

CONTAINER LIVING PH aims to grab the opportunity to shape the market’s expectations rather than just respond to the need for housing developments by upcycling shipping containers and using it as the main building material.

LexMeet aims to match clients with the right lawyer to resolve problems using legal expertise with ease of location and dialect. Client and lawyer will meet via videochat .